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We provide free consultation!

We offer a one-time free individual consultation about university admission entrance examinations and our services.

When you are making an appointment, please let us know your university of choice in order to provide a more tailored consultation.

For example, you may have the following questions:

  • What is the university admission entrance examination?
  • Am I qualified for my university of choice and will I pass the screening?
  • Next year, I would like to apply for my university of choice. What do I have to prepare for it?
  • I am thinking about applying for Waseda University. What kind of preparation can I do beforehand?

We are happy to take your inquiries and provide you with information specific to your situation.

Zoom also available

If it is inconvenient for you to visit our office, we also offer consultation over Zoom. Please feel free to contact us.

How to make an appointment

Please make a reservation in advance for a free consultation. Fill our contact form below in order to make an appointment.

In order to give you an effective consultation, please bring the following documents (if possible): School grade sheet and results of mock tests. If you have previously experience with university entrance exams, please let us know.

Location of our office

How to get to our office

1. From JR Shibuya Station take the Miyamasuzaka (宮益坂口) Exit. From Tokyo Metro, use exit 11 or 12.

2. At the intersection near the east bus station, walk east on the left sidewalk along the main road.

3. Continue straight until you are at another large intersection. There should be a Doutor Cafe at the northwest corner. Go left here.

4. Proceed until you see the hamburger restaurant Kua’Aina on your right. Our office is on the second floor of this building.


メゾンド・ユー, 2F
1-10-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
ZIP 150-0002, Japan


Tel: +81-3-6433-5130

Business Hours

Business Hours (normal): Mo-Fr 14:00-21:00, Sa 10:00-19:00
Business Hours (Dec-Feb, July-August): Mo-Fr 10:00-20:00, Sa 10:00-19:00
Closed on Wed・Sun