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Youyou Philosophy

We aim to support people so that they can make the most of themselves and wholeheartedly enjoy their own lives by providing them with various opportunities to develop their own abilities at every stage of their lives from infancy to adulthood.

To build an amusing world where everyone enjoys making the best use of his or her abilities, we will provide:

and fair


We will provide learning opportunities and materials in the form of personal training, active learning, technology-based learning, and so on, to help people develop their own abilities. We would also like to grow by helping others and enjoy the growth of ourselves.

Youyou Leadership Members

Youyou Nobuaki Shimizu

Nobuaki Shimizu

Prior to founding Youyou, Nobuaki worked as a technical program manager in IBM and as an engagement manager in Sumtotal Systems. He has vast experience in developing and implementing training/learning systems. He holds a BA in information and communication engineering from University of Tokyo and an MBA from London Business School.
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Youyou Teruyuki Eguchi

Teruyuki Eguchi

Prior to founding Youyou, Teruyuki worked as a manager at A.T. Kearney. He has vast experience of consulting, especially for financial industries. In addition to managing consulting teams, he was also responsible for designing training programs for consultants. He holds a BA in Economics from Keio University and completed an MBA essential program at University of Michigan School of Business.
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Youyou Shunsuke Asaga

Shunsuke Asaga

Shunsuke is in charge of essay writing in Youyou. Prior to joining Youyou, he was a popular lecturer of reading comprehension and essay writing in major prep schools. He attended faculty of law in University of Hokkaido.

Youyou Sato Koichi

Sato Koichi

Koichi is in charge of system development in Youyou. Prior to joining Youyou, he worked for Yamatake as an engineer. He was responsible for design, development, and operation of building systems. He holds a BA in environmental engineering from University of Hokkaido.

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