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Self-Planning Course

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Self-planning course

If you wish to study for a specific subject (such as an English writing exam), we provide support for you in form of coaching. We will assign an expert or a trainer who will set an optimal pace that will help you learn efficiently.

Person in charge

Expert or Trainer

Amount of session

  • In case of an Expert (2 sessions of 50 minutes each per month)
  • In case of a Trainer (4 sessions of 50 minutes each per month)
  • “Self-planning course PLUS” can be booked. In that case, there will be 4 sessions with an expert instead of 2.


In general, you are assigned to an Expert or Trainer. That person keeps track of your progress, hands out assignments and explains how to articulate your own opinion on a subject properly. For this course, we provide original papers and review past exams.


Normal 49,500 yen / month incl. tax
PLUS 59,500 yen / month incl. tax